Elly Crichton Stuart

Elly Crichton Stuart


Elly Crichton Stuart is a connector and weaver of webs with a passion for language, stories, deep listening and creativity as tools for transformation. Working with heart and humour, Elly aspires to lead people from 4 - 104 on a journey of discovery. Elly returned to her native Fife in 2018 and is a member of TRACS and the Scottish Centre for Storytelling.

Elly trained at Arts Educational Drama School and worked as a performer, writer and producer for many years. In 2003 Elly left The Unicorn Theatre for Children in London, to go to The School of Storytelling at Emerson College. In 2006 she returned to Essex University (M.A Art History 1980) to study The Tale with Marina Warner. In 2018 she trained with Heidi Stephenson and Matt Harvey as a performance poet for the Arts Council funded project “Totally Totnes” a radio broadcast on National Poetry Day.

Elly has worked all over the world as a storyteller since 2004 when her company, The Fabulists, were awarded funding to take The Outsider Storytelling project to schools in rural Essex. Over the next few years she worked throughout the UK and was employed by The British Council to run workshops in different parts of the world. Since then she has worked with thousands of children around the world and trained adults and young people as storytellers. She lived and worked as part of The Findhorn Community from 2009 – 2014, and led sessions on storytelling for forgiveness, and storytelling in bereavement.

Elly was part of Transition Town Totnes from 2014 - 2018 during which time she also worked for CRUSE Bereavement Care. She now works towards the regeneration of a healthy culture through the Art of Mentoring, writing, storytelling and mindfulness. She recently attended The Four Shields of Elderhood with Meredith Little and has been running groups exploring how we can grow into the elders we all have the potential to be.



Speaking the Truth

Woodside Hotel, Aberdour,
Saturday 14th March 10am – 1pm

How do you feel about what is going on in the world? About Climate Change, politicians telling lies, refugees fleeing their homes, food poverty in our country? Are you overwhelmed? Inspired? Sad or angry? A bit numb? Keen to act?

When we hear powerful information about the destruction of our world most of us need space to feel our response.Truth telling is like oxygen; it enlivens us. Without it we grow confused and numb. In traditional cultures grief rituals help people recognize and transcend challenging situations. As we face frightening personal and collective crises it is vital that we support each other in addressing our concerns. We will do this by participating in a modern community ritual created by deep ecologist and systems thinker Joanna Macy.

Pegs Bailey hosts a small mindfulness meditation group in her local village. She has a many years’ experience in group facilitation and is a qualified Leadership Coach. She is also engaged in the movement to address climate change and to mitigate the impacts already underway.

Elly Crichton Stuart has been engaged in learning how to live in a more responsible way since moving to the Findhorn Community in 2009 where Joanna Macy was one of her teachers. She trained as a bereavement counsellor for CRUSE in Devon, and worked on cultural regeneration weekends and The Art of Mentoring. She lives in Fife in where she leads groups and works as a storyteller and writer.

Organised though the Regenerating Healthy Cultures group.

For information email: ellycstuart@gmail.com


An Introduction to Storytelling
Saturday 28th March 10 – 4 Falkland Centre for Stewardship

Spend a day learning the basic craft of the storyteller. We all tell stories and in this workshop you will get to play with tools, learning how to be present, how to listen, how to make a storymap and a mood map, and how thresholds can help us trust that we will be able to remember the story.

Treat yourself to a playful day listening to different kinds of stories, and re-connecting with an oral tradition that stretches back to a time when we sat round a fire in the winter and shared our stories.

Elly Crichton Stuart learnt to tell stories from her Irish grandmother and at The School of Storytelling in 2003. She has taught storytelling to staff at Historic Royal Palaces, teachers in Taiwan for the British council, and adults and children in England and Scotland.

“Handled with great empathy and fun making it fun and accessible for all of us. Thank you so much. I feel privileged to have worked with you”.

Chris Lawson, Head Teacher Kersey Primary School.

“Elly created a great atmosphere – relaxing and affirming – and I felt comfortable and safe to explore and try things out.” Linda Benham, participant on an Introduction to Storytelling, Forres, Morayshire. www.ellystoryteller.org

To book go to Events page: centreforstewardship.org.uk/venue-hire/

Further information: 01383 860824, Text 07731 159126 or email: ellycstuart@gmail.com




Participant on storytelling course 2017

Participant on Storytelling in 6 Saturdays 2016

Michael Day, CEO, Historic Royal Palaces.

Chris Lawson, Head Teacher following a teacher training course at Kersey Primary School

Participants on Exploring Community Life programme for Findhorn Foundation.